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Welcome To Radio 40plus!!

We are very excited about our newest channel feature - our channel Radio Station!

40plus has been around for over 10 years and we've been there since the beginning of 'chat technology'.

We saw the introduction of colour with popups, then sound, with wavs, followed by mp3s. Any advancement that was made to enhance our chat experience...we tried to apply it to our channel.

Now we have LIVE Radio and I think, the most fun of them all. Room members are the DJ's and because their tastes are varied, they cater to all genres of music, from Soft to Heavy, Rock to Roll, Swing to Sway, Country to Classical, Musicals & Showtunes, TV Themes and even Comedy (of all colours, including *Blue) gets a chance. They interact with the channel members by taking a multitude of requests and the fun is reflected in their shows.

So just check the schedule, find your favourite DJ's and tune in while you chat! Or better yet, just keep us locked on and listen to us all 24/7!

Chat doesn't get any better or more fun than this!

Content Warning

*Blue Comedy and songs containing adult content and deemed not suitable for children may be played. An advance warning will be given before the material is aired so that children may be removed from earshot.

Click Here To Listen Now - Hi Speed!

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